Our Activities

Pre - Inspection & Document Verification

A team guided by experienced Civil Engineer used to visit the secured property and survey it. Simultaneously document verification will also be done with the consultation of our team Advocates. The borrower's condition is also analyzed during inspection. The borrower is advised to settle the total outstanding dues in his account as per norms of the Bank.


Borrower is fully explained periodically by our team regarding the need for settlement or otherwise the proceedings under the SARFAESI Act will be taken against the mortgaged property.

Issuance of notice & pre-possession activity

We assist the bank in relation to the steps that may require to be taken against the borrowers and guarantors and also advise on such follow up measures that may require to be initiated prior to taking possession of the moveable and immovable properties of the concerned borrower / guarantors.

Symbolic Possession

This is used as a moral pressure on the borrower to bring down for settlement at the earliest possible time.